Q: How do I checkout using my MC, VISA or AMEX? I do not want to use Paypal.

A: Click "Pay with Paypal" Next, click " Pay with Debit or Credit Card" or login to pay with Paypal.

Q: What is your return policy?

A: Exchanges only. Must be within 2 weeks. The item must be in perfect condition.

Q: I purchased a bracelet with a stretch cord that I love! How do I replace the cord? 

A: Kate replaces all stretch cord AND kinked cables free of charge for the full life of your piece. Please include $10 check for return shipping.

Q: How do I ship my piece back for a repair or replacement?

A: Always use a sturdy cardboard box. For 2 Part Necklaces like Aquanauts: place in a plastic bag and wrap chain where the two beads connect so the two parts do not come in contact. With two-part horsehair necklaces: wind string or bubble wrap between the two glass parts to prevent them from making contact with each other then float in bubble wrap or packing popcorn in a sturdy box.  For Necklaces & smooth bracelets: carefully wrap in bubble wrap, then float in packing popcorn within a box. For restringing of Terrapin bracelet, cut stretchy cord & wrap the 4-6 beads separately in bubble wrap, then float them in popcorn - they should not touch. For earrings: wrap separately in bubble wrap float in popcorn so they do not touch.

VERY IMPORTANT: Before taping box shut, close it & gently shake - There should be no noise or movement inside the box. If there is, then add more popcorn or newspaper.